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Jasper Sullivan - Media composer

Film Score, TV, Trailer and Video Game Composer

I am an aspiring film composer studying creative music technology at the University of Surrey. I began composing for media in 2018, writing for fellow students studying animation and film. One example is a short film titled ‘FRIEND’, linked below. I later composed the music for a Invesona Films' short film titled ‘UNSEEING EVIL’; additionally writing the music for its' trailer. 'UNSEEING EVIL' was officially selected by the WRPN.TV Film festival 2020, for which I was lucky enough to be awarded 'Best Original Score",as well as winning an award for "Excellence" and having it streamed on Discover.Film's streaming service; it has most recently been officially selected for the Venice Short Film Festival. Most recently, I have written the score for the first episode for a two part fan-film inspired by Marvels' 'Spider-man' franchise.

Musician Playing Chello

From Orchestral, to Electronic, to Jazz.

I am experienced in writing in many varying genres and styles of music; having had both Classical and Jazz training, and studied many musical cultures from across the world and styles and from a vast diversity of time periods. Should you have any questions, please don't be afraid to contact me.


Film Composition

Unseeing Evil

'Unseeing Evil' is an award winning short  horror film, winning 'Best Original Score' and a runners-up award for 'Excellence' at the WRPN.TV Film festival as well as being officially selected at the Discover.Film festival and Venice Short film festival. Featuring the work of Jaye Adams and Riccardo Bramwell. Starring Kal-El Tuk, this features the story of a naïve young boy who's blind and unaware that he is conversing with a demon.


Orchestral Scoring


Friend is a short-film set in a post apocalyptic era, following the story of a friendship that blossoms between a robot programmed to kill, and a dog, born to love.

Music Room

Sample Libraries

Along with composition, I have begun to truly flex my engineering muscles and have started to create Kontakt libraries free for download.

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Unseeing Evil

Award-winning Short horror film

Marvel Adventures | Spider-man

Spider-man Series

The Last day of war

Short film - Featuring my own sound design

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