Below is the list of the media I have worked on. From filmic media to escape rooms! Feel free to contact me to get references from the directors.


Unseeing Evil

'Unseeing Evil' is an award winning short  horror film, winning 'Best Original Score' and a runners-up award for 'Excellence' at the WRPN.TV Film festival as well as being officially selected at the Discover.Film festival and Venice Short film festival.


Aladdin: The Vault of Magic

Aladdin: The Vault of Magic is an Escape Room for which I composed the Music and Designed the sound effects for.

Go and book the room for yourself at and enter a world of magic and mystery, as you try to steal the lamp from the evil Jafar!


Marvel Adventures: Spider-man

Marvel Adventures: Spider-man follows Peter Parker (Alejandro Joewono), trying to recover his memories, learning that he may have hurt those he holds dearest to him.


The Rainy Day

The Rainy day is a short dramatic film about a young burns victim after having suffered torment for his physical appearance, who meets a blind girl, and how they bond through their adversity.



‘Friend’ is set in a post-apocalyptic era, where the aftermath of the war between robots and humanity has left behind the remnants of a once civilised world. We follow the story of an abandoned dog that has an encounter that turns its life around. It makes a friend, unlike any other.. a being that is regarded as a dangerous weapon.



Cassandra is a short 2D Animation following a girls nightmare as we are shown different apparitions and expressions of her anxiety.


Score Relief Competition 2021: 'Spring'

Spring is a short animated film by Blender Animations studios, about how a girl continues the ritual of her ancestors, to bring an end to Winter and start Spring. This is a competition entry and not an original score.

Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 10.07.49.png

From The Shadows

Another short horror film directed by Jaye Adams. Featuring not only my music but my sound design also.

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The Terrarium

A short film written by fellow university student and colleague , Miru Kim. Following the perspective of a daughter about to enter adulthood, the film acts as a retelling of hardships shared by the Daughter and mother as they both want different things, yet the same things simultaneously.