• Jasper Sullivan

A dream come true...

On 1st December, 2021, I had my first public performance of my music in Guildford Cathedral. As a student of the University of Surrey, I entered a composition competition and was incredibly lucky to win 1st place prize, among 2 other winners whos pieces were also performed.

This piece, was a true labour of love and had been, in some sense, years in the making.

Eric Whitacre's style of composition is something I have longed to understand and voice in compositions of my own. His intricately use of dissonance was something that just seemed natural in each of his pieces and created an entirely new world of sonority for me as a composer - listening to his music was like seeing a new colour.

However, after roughly 7 years since first hearing his 'Lux Aurumque' I finally thought I would have one last crack at creating these same beautiful dissonances in my own music.

And turned out...beautifully.

Sitting there in the cathedral, particularly during the final quiet 'allelulias was particularly difficult