• Jasper Sullivan

"Unseeing Evil" Behind the scenes.

"Unseeing Evil" was my first contracted project on the horror scene. This, was when I met one of my now life-long friends and colleagues Jaye Adams, the director of the film.

It was not only an immense privilege to work on such a professional film, which has the prospect of becoming a feature length film. However, it was when I was incredibly fortunate the win the award "Best Original Film Score 2020" by the WRPN.TV Global Film festival.

I have since further worked with Jaye on some additional projects, such as a new short horror titled "From the Shadows".

It has been such a personal joy for me to be a part of such an immensely passionate team, I thought I would share parts of the press kit which is available in full here:

Unseeing Evil Press Kit_xmPePmvxQ4OIrYh6
Download • 23.00MB

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